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Clinical practicum hours are the required clinical education component of online nursing programs at Cleveland State University.

Our clinical placement services team will work with you to find clinical placement opportunities in your area. However, as a student you will be responsible for key parts of the placement process. These FAQs can help you better understand the clinical placement services provided as part of your nursing education experience at CSU.   

You’ll work directly with your dedicated clinical placement team who will help identify a suitable clinical placement site within a reasonable distance from your home and coordinate the preceptor details. However, as a student you will be responsible for key parts of the placement process.

You’ll work with and remain in close communication with your placement team throughout your program. This team will advise you to ensure you complete all program requirements, meet deadlines and have completed all items on your nursing clinicals checklist.  

Prior to each clinical start date, your placement team will notify you of your clinical assignment and start date. Once confirmed and communicated, you’ll be encouraged to work with your preceptor to establish your clinical experience schedule. 

Each individual clinical placement will be its own unique experience due to the variety of health care environments students will work in. During your clinical rotations, you’ll work under close supervision of your preceptor and, indirectly, the CSU clinical faculty.


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